Friday, July 28, 2006

The loss of a great volunteer and a friend

We lost a longtime volunteer at our rescue today. Sue was a kitten foster home and our adoption volunteer head. She was with our recue long before we joined. I cant even begin to count how many cats lives she has saved.

The nature of how all this has happened is really upsetting to me. It was completely unexpected. Sue had taken some days off work because of not feeling well. Her boss was concerned when he couldn't reach her and he went the house. There were papers in the driveway and her car was there but there was no answer. He called 911 and when help arrived they found her dead. They think she may have died on Saturday. I just pray that she went quickly with no pain. These kinds of things happen on episodes of CSI, not to friends.

Sue's best friend (also a rescue volunteer) was over there this morning working on getting all her cats. They had initially only found three and since we knew she had more cats than that we were concerned they had perhaps gotten out in the midst of all the upset. Sue's animals were her babies. She told me once that in her divorce settlement all she fought for was her animals. So taking care of her babies for her now is the least we can do. At last notice all had been caught except two who have hidden behind the washing machine. Her brother and sister in law are working on catching them. All her cats and dogs have to be kept in quarantine until the cause of death is determined. At that time any that her family cant keep we'll work into foster homes.

I saw her less than two weeks ago at an adoptathon (July 16). She wasnt feeling well but stopped in to talk to me about some cats we were working on getting in. I never imagined it would be the last time I would speak to her. Sue and I spent alot of time talking and laughing at adoptathons. I'm so glad I got to know her. I worked with her a great deal rescueing kittens. She was always willing to help in anyway to save an animals life. Sue was a wonderful, fun, caring person and will be greatly missed.