Thursday, September 07, 2006

Little Things

I was thinking tonight about how quite often it's little things that make me happy. There are so many more little things in life that bring me joy. Here's a short (In no way complete) list of little things that make me happy:

Hearing my windchimes blowing in the wind on a quite night
Seeing butterflies in our backyard
Richard making my favorite dinner for me
Going to sleep when its raining outside
One of our foster kitties who needs socialization, taking a step forward
Jubilee wanting to sleep in our bed with me
Getting a magazine I love to read in the mail
Richard playing with my hair
Hearing a favorite song
Going to the movies (In the theatre. I love movies but going to the movies is the best.)
Big moments on TV shows I love (Janelle kicking out Will on Big Brother, The Sara and Grissom moment on the CSI season finale)

I think why these little things are so important to me is that they are what life is made of. Life isn't all big production numbers. It's mostly little, every day scenes. These moments all remind us of love or beauty or just plain entertainment. Some remind us of who we are aside from our designated social roles (The world may see me as a crazy cat lady who searches under bushes for lost kittens but I'm also the girl Richard fell in love with and when he plays with my hair or rubs my back it reminds me of that.) others give us a moment of entertainment and fun in the middle of a crazy week (Getting Entertainment Weekly & TV Guide in the mail means non-serious reading for me to look forward to.) and others prove the fruits of our labors (I wanted Jubilee to sleep on our bed for so long with me. For years she didn't want to even be in our bedroom. So every night she climbs up on the bed with me and curls up next to me to sleep it shows me just how far she has come.).

So be on the lookout for those little things. You might be surprised how many little moments of joy you have in your life.