Friday, March 04, 2011

Reading & Moving

I never did post anything at the end of the year concerning my reading or anything else for that matter. I have a good excuse though as we were right in the middle of planning our move. Jan 26 I left NC and headed to Houston with Richard following a few days behind. The trip was an adventure as it involved moving a whole lot of cats. (Thank God my best friend Nancy agreed to fly out and drive across country with me.) We're settling into life in Texas now and it is nice to be close to family and friends but I have to admit I do miss NC. I miss our friends there, the places we hung out and most of all our church. We have the greatest church there and so far have not even come close to finding a replacement. I have to admit I miss Archivers too. Yes, there is one here (though it's quite a drive) but it's not mine. I learned to scrapbook at the Archivers in Raleigh and knew all the staff and they knew me. As odd as it may sound it was my happy place and I do really miss it. We also haven't found a place for our reading dinners yet. We have tried a few places out and I'm sure eventually we'll find a place that will fit but these are the things you don't think of when you move.

Onto reading....
I read 36 books last year, no more and no less than the year before. Considering how insane the last few months of the year were with house hunting and getting ready to move I'm happy with it. In January of this year I was really struggling to read at all. There was just so much going on and I was having a hard time concentrating when I tried to read. I have slowly gotten back into the swing of things though.

So my goals in 2010 were:

1. Read 40 books - Nope, but I read 36 and am happy with that.
2. Read mostly from one box of books - Yep, did OK with this one.
3. Finish all books carried over - Completed this as well

I also found two new authors I really like (Faye Kellerman and Michele Bardsley) and that's always a good thing.

I am struggling on my goals for this year as I have read half of what I had read at this time last year. But I do like to have a goal so....

1. Read 40 books
2. Read mostly from my 2011 box of books (Picked out ahead of time)
3. Finish all books carried over (I actually already completed this so yae me!)
4. Try some new authors

Heres to reading in 2011!