Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Some Adoptions

Finally a few adoptions. Henley and Ruby both got adopted on Saturday. We got a great application for two of our kittens, Coke & Pepsi. I really wanted these guys to get adopted together so I am thrilled this couple wants both of them together. We're meeting them on Saturday and if all goes well my Tuxedo duo will have a new home. We have two more new babies coming in on Thursday. Button and Butter were pulled from a kill shelter, part of a litter who were very sick. Luckily a woman nursed them back to health and all but these two have been adopted. So they are coming to us. It will free up more space so she can pull some more kitties from the local kill shelter. I still have 21 kittens and momma cats on the waiting list. If Coke and Pepsi go home we will be able to bring someone else in. We'll still have Root Beer (Coke and Pepsi's mom) and Diamond and Emerald (Ruby's mom and brother) left in our kitten foster numbers. Diamond is just about ready to go up for adoption (She was extremely underweight when we got her) and the other two are up for adoption already. We wont be going to another adoptathon till Mid-July (We are actually taking an adopathon weekend off, the first one in over a year.) but most of our adoptions this year have came vis our Website anyway. So hopefully by this time next week we'll have even more kitties at our house, ready for their new homes.

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