Sunday, January 03, 2010

My Reading Goals for the Year 2009 Recap and Reading Goals for 2010

Coming into 2009 my reading goals were:

1. Read 36 books -Done
2. Read series books - Done
3. Finish all books carried over - Done

I came into 2010 with one book carried over (Queen of the Road). I read a lot from different series and read the entire Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris (save for the new one which I got for Xmas) so that goal worked out well. I already started and gave up on one new book (The Chocolate Cat Caper). This year I want to read mainly from one box of books. Not sure I'll get through the whole box but I definitely want to make a dent in it. I'm torn over giving myself a numerical goal. I came close to not making 36 this past year, mostly because I read in spurts...some months I devour books (6 in December) other months just not as much. Then again it's nice to have a goal even if I don't make it, as the whole reason I actually read is for enjoyment. So I will set a goal of 40, four more than my goal last year.

1. Read 40 books
2. Read mostly from one box of books
3. Finish all books carried over

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