Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Reads

So in January I read 5 books, the most I have read in January since I started keeping count. Go me! This was definitely a month of good books for me as you can tell by my ratings. One new author for me this month (Carolyn Parkhurst) and 4 I have read before.

I read....

Aunt Dimity's Christmas by Nancy Atherton - 4 stars - I barely started this in December. It was a great book, not just as a Christmas book but as a mystery as well. It reminded me why I love this series so much. It had been a few years since I read it and I am so glad I got back into it.

Don't Drink the Water by Susan Rogers Cooper - 5 stars - So, so good! SRC is my favorite mystery writer and this was one of her best. I have tried to space out her books as there are only a few left in the series (she doesn't just churn them out like some authors) and I am down to two left now.

Lost and Found by Carolyn Parkhurst - 5 stars - I heard a recommendation for this book a few years ago and am so glad I listened. This book just sucked me in. It was funny, heart wrenching, thought provoking and an all around great read.

2nd Chance by James Patterson - 4 stars -I read the first in The Women's Murder Club series last year and was pleasantly surprised with how much I liked it. This one was very good too. For personal reasons there was a story line in this one I didn't care for but that's just me. It was a really good book, very entertaining and kept me guessing.

Aunt Dimity Beats The Devil by Nancy Atherton - 4 stars - I started and finished the month with Ms. Atherton. This was a wonderful book that made me laugh and also was quite emotional. I figured out some bits but others just threw me for a loop. Another great addition to the series.

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