Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hello There!

So here we go. My first post in my blog. I figured it was a good way to start 2006. I feel I need to write more and figured since I spend more time on the computer than anywhere else I stand a better chance of actually accomplishing it if I do it online.

A little about me:

I'm 31, going to be 32 this next Tuesday. (How did that happen? I swear I just graduated from high school yesterday.)

I'm married to the love of my life. It's been 8 and a half years now and yes, I honestly love him even more than the day we married. Richard is absolutely amazing. He makes me laugh and he loves me for me. Richard is from the North of England and the rest of his family still lives in England. We usually have guests in the form of his parents about once a year. None of our extended family lives anywhere near us.

We have one dog, named Vanilla Bean (Nilla for short) and she is our baby. I'll tell you her story later.

We rescue cats. Thus, the name of this blog. We have 6 of our cats (The last one to be added was Clara. She was out foster kitty and Richard adopted her for me as a Christmas present. No, animals are not presents but this was a bit different. Clara was not going anywhere. I wanted her and we planned on adopting her at some point anyway but Richard making it official for Christmas was a big surprise. She's the best present ever!) who I will introduce in a bit. We also foster cats for a local rescue (Which means there is usually a cat on my desk) and so alot of other things with the rescue. It's a big part of our lives.

I dont work outside of the home due to health problems.

I'm a Christian and my faith is very important to me. I have church issues due to things that have happened in my past and I'm slowly working through them. I dont know that there will ever be a time I wont have some issues (I hate saying that as it sounds so negative.) but I am happy that I am finally in a church where I am comfortable.

My little sister is pregnant with her first baby. :)

I'm a redhead.

I have lived all over but if you ask me where I am from my answer will be Texas. Currently we're living in North Carolina and we both love it. We just bought our first house in 2003.

I love games-board games, computer games, Nintendo. You name it, I'll play it. And I'll probably beat it too. ;)

I am a movie junkie! I watch all kinds of movies and keep a list of all the ones I watch.

So there you have it. Me in a few paragraphs. I'll be back with more.

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