Monday, April 20, 2009

End of Hour 17

This hour I read:

Hokus Pokus by Fern Michaels - 7 pages

Chosen Prey by Cheyenne Mccray - 1 page

Pages Read This Hour -8

I read for 12 minutes

Total pages read: 260 pages

Total minutes read: 418

Books Finished: 1

I decided to give up on Chosen Prey. In reading just one more page I realized I am not going to enjoy the book and all it was doing was upsetting me. So it's out of here. A year ago I would have made myself finish the book, since I have read over a hundred pages. Now I just figure those hundred pages helped me see this author is not for me.

(All these posts are being made a day late as I was hit with a horrible stomach flu on Sunday.)

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