Friday, April 24, 2009

What a weird week

I started off the week still reeling from being hit with the most horrible stomach flu ever early Sunday morning. (Of course it has to hit that day, when I was looking forward to the sermon at church, when we had an adoptathon.) Even though by Monday I was no longer retching my guts out it still took me a few days to really feel better and to not be scared to eat.

We got PB and Jay back this week, two cats we adopted out as kittens over two years ago. The reasons are stupid and not even worth mentioning. But it's been a week of juggling cat issues, between getting them back and trying to help them settle in, to moving the Snow Cats into my office, trying to work in a new kitten (who ended up not coming in after all, though the woman didn't bother to call and tell us she had found a home for her. No, we had to call her.), finding out there is another kitten we might need to take in, talking to a new kitten foster home (Thank You God! They have fostered for us before, just never kittens so I think they'll be able to handle it.), worrying over Muzzy (Is she losing weight? Do we need to get her back to the vet? She's 17, what can they do?), listing several cats for adoption on Petfinder and finally having a talk with a friend about the loss of Katrina, which I really needed to have.

It rarely discuss cats we have lost from our own foster home on here. It's not deliberate, just something that hurts and so I don't write about it. I'm not going to change that too much now except to say that I know the way I'm feeling right now has to do with losing Katrina.

How am I feeling? In a funk, our of sorts, at loose ends. Everything just feels a bit off. Things that usually make me really happy just kind of do. I can't settle on a new book to read. I don't really want to do much of anything right now.

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