Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring Into Horror Read-A-Thon Update & Mini Challenge

So I am chugging right along on the read-a-thon.  HOOK of a BOOK is hosting a mini challenge and asked us to discuss a book we were reading and why.  I'm reading The Chick and The Dead by Casey Daniels.  This is the second in the series.  I read the first two years ago and honestly it started out as just OK.  Then right near the end the author surprised me and threw a curve ball I didn't see coming.  So I thought maybe I would read some more...but not too soon.  Then last year a good reader friend of mine mentioned this series and how she thought I would like it.  So since I hate to quit on a series I have started and since I really wanted something I little lighter than the current Faye Kellerman mystery I was reading I picked the second book in the series up. So far it's world better than the first.  I have a lot more hope for the rest of the series.  Happy Reading!

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