Saturday, October 13, 2012

End of Hour Four

This hour I read:

Do You Promise Not To Tell? by Mary Jane Clark - 20 pages

I read for 36 minutes

Total pages read: 111

Total minutes read: 71

Had a slight distraction by Miss Muzzy this last hour which I took advantage of to change out of my jammies into real clothes.  It's gonna be a hot one here today.  So much for Fall!   A little over 80 pages to go in this book and still no idea who the bad guy is.  Love it!

Reading Reading Reading

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  1. I'm reading mysteries and spooky stories today too: how can one resist! Hope the ending of the story is all you are hoping for.

    "I am a very quick reader – I have as I’ve said, very large, squarish eyes that seem to be able to fit over a good patch of the page." Jane Gardam

    Here’s to large, squarish eyes, perfect for Read-a-Thon-ing!
    Keep it up! #cheersmarties