Thursday, October 11, 2012

September Reads

In September I read five books.

I read.....

3rd Degree by James Patterson - 4 stars - I really love this series.  I am emotionally attached to all the characters and love the storylines.  This was quick paced, emotional and a great mystery. This was a great entry in the series.

Matched by Ally Condie - 5 stars - Wow! I absolutely loved this book. It drew me in and I just couldn't stop reading. I loved the characters and appreciated that they all felt real to me. I was reading with tears in my eyes at points and gasping in surprise at others. Drama, revolution, mystery and romance...they were all here. Definitely one of my all time favorites.

101 Things To Do Before You Turn 40 by Kristin McCracken - 3 stars - This was the perfect book to have in the car. Some of the suggestions were pretty dumb in my opinion but it was light and interesting.

The Victoria's Secret Catalog Never Stops Coming by Jennie Nash - 5 stars - A touching, well written book that made me laugh and cry.  This was a very personal book for me as my mom was diagnosed with an almost identical diagnoses in April.  I happened upon this book just weeks before my mom was due for surgery.  It moved me and prepared me for her surgery in ways no talk with a doctor ever could.  For that I'll always be grateful.

The Apprentice by Tess Gerritsen - 4 stars - I got to see Tess Gerritsen speak this month and get her latest Rizzoli and Isles book.  She signed both that and my copy of The Surgeon.  She was fun, interesting and one of the best authors I have had the privlege of hearing speak.  This book was so creepy but was also really well written and had some interesting twists and turns. I love when their are plot points I don't see coming. Tess Gerritsen manages to scare me once again and make me like it!

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