Thursday, July 23, 2015

Casual Readathon July

 Casual Readathon

This past week I took part in the second Casual Readathon via Twitter.  I went in thinking I would just get some extra reading done.  I never expected to enjoy myself as much as I did.  Between the great people running it to the fun participants and the excellent people I personally did the RAT with I had an incredible time.  Here's a breakdown of my reading:

Day 1 : 57 pages read
Day 2:  26 pages read
Day 3:  67 pages read - First book finished!
Day 4:  29 pages read
Day 5:  31 pages read
Day 6:  84 pages read
Day 7:  78 pages read
Day 8:  91 pages read - Second book finished!

Total pages read: 463

I also completed challenges 2, 3, 4, and 7.

Over all I finished 2 books (Messenger & Pretty Little Liars) and started a new one (The Selection) yesterday.

All in all I loved taking part in the Casual Read-A-Thon and I will definitely be taking part next month!

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