Thursday, March 23, 2006

But how's the food?

I started this last year actually. Richard and I go out to eat once a week. We get fast food every Friday but we actually go out to a restaurant one night during the week. The night used to be Monday's but since our Bible study now meets on Monday the night now varies. Anyway, last year I made a list of several restaurants in the area I wanted to try. I actually had a list of 25 and we ended up trying 13. All but 3 of those were places we ended up really liking. I have a list of 18 this year (4 of those were carried over from last year) and so far we have tried 3.

Taste of Thai -
This place was nice but it definitely made it clear we are not fans of Thai food. We had tried it awhile back at a difference place and were so-so about it. It's just not our fav. But if you are fans of Thai it's worth checking out.

California Pizza Kitchen -
We lived in California and never tried this place. How odd are we? One opened at the mall closest to us and we stopped to look at the menu. It didn't look too bad so we decided to try it. Their white pizza is to die for!

Buffalo’s Cafe - We just went here tonight for dinner and it was really enjoyable. The food was good and reasonably priced. It was a really layed back and relaxed environment too. We'll be back.

I love trying new places. You never know what they will be like. Admittedly sometimes it is disappointmentnt but overall we have enjoyed the places we have tried. We have found alot of places that friends who have lived here much longer than us never knew existed. I try and take joy in the little things in life. Theres alot more of them than the big things.

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