Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A nice girl like you.....

I was surfing around tonight and ran across another blog that dealt with animal rescue. So much of what the woman's blog said rang so true to me. She works with a small rescue (as do I) which never has enough money (yep) or enough space (yep, yep). She gets frustrated with people and mad at the cruelty and neglect she sees. (oh ya) Rescue can take over your life. I certainly didn't start out thinking I would become as involved as I did. I started really because I lost Oreo, my beloved baby, German Shorthaired Pointer who we adopted when I was 11 years old. She was with me for almost 17 years, turned my husband into an animal lover and was the most amazing baby. She left this world in 2001 and in reading alot of web sites on animal rescue it struck me for the first time how many animals lost their lives every day because they weren't wanted. And here I was, ready to give God years off my life if he would give me just a little more time with Oreo. Ironic, huh? When we first started volunteering with a local cat rescue it was one night a week, only helping out at our main foster home. We started fostering about 6 months later. We fostered very small scale to start with and when we moved into a larger house it grew from there.

Most people don't really get why we do what we do. Why doesnt a nice girl like me have babies instead of cats? The two of us would make wonderful parents. (Um, we are. They have fur but their our babies.) I have gotten some really strange comments when I tell them I volunteer with a cat rescue ("What are you rescuing them from?" is my personal favorite.) and almost everyone feels the need to tell me if they are a cat or dog person (Personally I'm neither. I love both. I have more cats than dogs because that works for us. I work with a cat rescue because it's where we started and the rescue we work with has beliefs and ideals that mesh with ours.) and how they got their own animal. I think it's great the amount of people who adopted their animals but it frustrates me how few people do anything aside from that. We were discussing philospophers the other night in Bible study and how talking without action accomplishes nothing. If more people were willing to foster just one animal we could save so many move lives......

Sitting here on the couch with Coal and Clara next to me and Rollo on the foot stool by my feet I am still amazed by my "not highly adoptable" kitties. People just don't know what they are missing.

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