Friday, October 08, 2010

Getting Ready

Got my books ready to go! The three on the left I am currently reading (more about those below), the three on the right are possible backups, as they are all by authors I know I love. That's a new journal underneath (no idea where my usual one is) and the box in the back is full of books. I have plenty to choose from! We made a stop by the store tonight to get stocked up on snacks so we are good to go in that aspect.
Right now I am reading:
At Home in Mitford-A good book that I am surprised how much I am enjoying.
Motif for Murder-Nice, cozy mystery.
Night's Edge-Three supernatural short stories that I have yet to really get into. The first one is by Charlaine Harris who I adore so I hope if I can just spend a little time in the book I will like it.
I am off to bed fairly soon so I can be somewhat awake at the crazy hour of 8 a.m. Can't wait to start reading!

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  1. Delicious tasty books. Going to take a bite soon!