Monday, February 13, 2006

Rollo and Coal

Rollo and Coal are a bonded pair. I think these pictures I took when they were still in their foster home shows that! They really do walk with their tails intertwined. They absolutely love and adore each other. I have many weaknesses when it comes to cats (Black cats, Tabbys) but bonded pairs is my biggest one. Luckily since the rescue we work with is a small one we have the luxury of keeping the pairs together. We adopt them out together if they are truly bonded or not at all. Rollo and Coal weren't rescued together. They have vastly different pasts.

Rollo came into the rescue in July of 2000, about a year old. He was living with a man who lived in a trailer right by the highway. Supposedly this man loved cats and he had many of them. All of whom he let outdoors. Many of whom got hit by cars. Of course the man did not take them to the vet. No, he shot them. I don't know all the details of the cats lives there but needless to say it was definitely neglecting and abusive. Without going into all the details my boy was rescued by the founder of the rescue. She has rescued more cats than I can imagine and can tell you all their stories but Rollo's she remembers very vividly. She told me the other day she will never forget the look in Rollo's eyes, that their was no life, nothing their. I cant even imagine it as he is one of the most vibrant, life filled kitties I have ever known. He's a smooshie, cuddly boy.

Coal came into the rescue in March of 2001. Coal was a stray cat who came into his foster home as a wild boy. The woman who rescued him swore he wasn't wild but I have heard horror stories of how close to feral he was. He's a big black cat who alot of people think is scary and intimidating looking so I can imagine he didn't have alot of people who were kind to him when he was a stray. At one point his foster mom really thought he would have to become a farm cat as he was just too wild to adopt out.

How exactly my boys found each other and bonded so close I don't know but I do know I owe their foster mom and Coal for saving my boy. Anyone who could ever claim that animals don't love just needs to see Rollo and Coal together. My heart just aches every time I see them together, it's so beautiful.

I wanted my boys for a long time. When we first starter volunteering we were living in an apartment. With Nilla, Jubi and our foster kitty we were already over our animal limit. The first words Richard said to me when we found out we were getting out house were "You can have your boys." They truly are my boys. Rollo is my little boy. He loves other cats. He loves Nilla. He love everyone! Coal is my handsome boy. Coal is a bit more cautious with strange cats and people alike. When we adopted him we knew he wasn't as affectionate as Rollo. I was ok with that. I loved him for him. If we was never really affectionate that was ok. The first time he clomb up on my lap I cried. That fact that he now routinely climbs up on my lap and purrs for me is the greatest gift. They have both blossomed so much since coming into our home. They are best example of why people should adopt shy cats and give them a chance. My boys are the best cats. I cant imagine my life without them.

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