Sunday, October 25, 2009

End of Hour 21

This hour I read:

Eating My Words by Mimi Sheraton - 12 pages Finished It!

I read for 49 minutes

Total pages read: 363 pages

Total minutes read: 737

Books Finished: 2

I finished Eating My Words! Woohoo! This book was one I carried over from last year. It wasn't a long book, just one I struggled to get into so I kept setting it aside. I am so, so glad it's done with. I started it after reading Garlic and Sapphires by Ruth Reichl, which I adored. This didn't even come close to matching up to G&S. But now it's done and I couldn't be happier!


  1. I know you're tired
    And losin' the fire
    You'd rather be sleeping
    But keep on reading!!

  2. Looks like you are doing great! Happy Reading!

  3. hang in there!! only a couple of hours left!! you are doing great!

  4. Nearly to the end! Keep going!